Ryan Almazan

Student Worker
Ryan Almazan
He, Him, His


Ryan Almazan is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, studying computer science and graphic design. Ryan is also very involved with the journalism organizations on-campus, most notable as the art director of the University's Insight Magazine, handling the layout and design of the publication.

Ryan’s research interests in the STEM field are in digital signal processing and in human-computer interaction, focusing on how to best relate evolving technologies to consumers by creating a natural flow in interaction between user and computer. Other research interests include the relationship between contemporary American culture and politics in the context of the internet. Ryan intends to conduct formal research into these topics in the future.

Ryan is passionate about the relationships that humans make with each other. He believes that understanding these relationships can make new technologies more accessible, as well as provide insight into how new technologies have changed those relationships.