Andrew Rangel

Student Worker
Andrew Rangel
He, Him, His
"You get what you give"


Andrew's research interests are in skill-gap inequality, in the stratification of social classes and how entrepreneurship can address these inequities. Andrew works closely with organizations in northern Nevada that support the full spectrum of Nevada workers, particularly those who need training and support to thrive in the new economies of the region. Andrew uses mixed method approaches to best understand current practices and program interventions. He regularly meets with diverse professionals, seeking the most innovative and influential minds he can find.

Andrew is passionate about addressing income inequality. He finds this work fascinating because finding solutions to challenges in this area requires a lateral thinking approach and continual collaboration with private, public and higher education sectors.

Research interests

  • Skill-gap inequality
  • Financial technology applications
  • Entrepreneurship

Professional Certifications

  • Society of Human Resources Management Student Membership