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Purchase Tutoring Appointments

How to get started

NOTE:  One-on-one appointments are $10 each. Appointment purchases are updated every evening. If you need an appointment, you should pay for it 48 hours in advance to ensure you can make an appointment when you need it. Once the purchase is updated in the Tutoring Center, you can schedule an appointment 15 hours in advance. Example: if you purchase an appointment on Sunday, you cannot get into the Tutoring Center program until Monday. On Monday, you can make an appointment for Tuesday. Call our office (784-6801) during office hours (M-Th: 8am-8pm and Friday: 8am-4pm) for help.

Appointment purchases do NOT roll over from semester to semester. Therefore, you should use all appointments purchased each semester.

Click this link to access MyNevada to pay for one-on-one appointments. Once you have paid for the session, it takes overnight to process. If you need to schedule an appointment for the next day, you have to go into the Tutoring Center with a receipt so the staff can make the appointment for you. Click this link to access the scheduling system in TutorTrac. Use your NetID to access the schedule. You will have the option to book one-time appointments.

My Nevada
Appointments are 50-minute sessions with a trained peer tutor. Together, you and your tutor focus on your specific concerns for a specific course.

  1. Log in to MyNEVADA
  2. Under the heading "Student Center," select "Purchase Additional Services."
  3. Indicate the quantity of the pass you would like to purchase and click "Calculate Total."
  4. If the amount is correct, click "Next."
  5. Confirm your intention to purchase the selected pass by clicking "Next."
  6. Select a payment method from the drop-down menu and click "Next."
  7. Follow the prompt to submit payment.

My Nevada Purchase Items

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