Summer Fees 2019

A detailed explanation of student fees can be found in the General Course Catalog, Tuition and Fees section.

Out of State Tuition Will Be Charged Beginning Summer 2019

Payment, late fee, and drop deadlines and refund dates for summer sessions are listed on the Summer Academic Calendar. A complete listing of summer session dates are listed on the 356 Summer Session web page.

Summer Session Fees

Tuition and Fees are established by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents. Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change without notice per NSHE Board of Regents. Following are a list of the most common tuition and fees. For a complete listing reference the tuition and fees section of the NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual. Students can view their individual charges through their student account in MyNEVADA

Undergraduate $233.00 per credit plus:  

  • ASUN Fee- $5.00 per credit
  • Technology Fee - $9.00 per credit
  • JCSU Fee - $3.00 per credit
  • Summer Registration Fee - $3.00 per credit
  • Fitness Center Fee - $45.00

Graduate $285.75 per credit plus:

  • Technology Fee - $9.00 per credit
  • JCSU Fee - $3.00 per credit
  • Summer Registration Fee - $3.00 per credit
  • Fitness Center Fee - $45.00

Summer Non-Resident Tuition

The following non-resident tuition (NRT) will be assessed on a per credit basis in addition to the fees listed above. The flat rate NRT does not apply during summer term.

  • Undergraduate NRT 256.25 per credit
  • Graduate NRT 314.25 per Credit

Eligible students will be assessed the following NRT Discounts.

  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) NRT $116.50 per credit
  • Undergraduate Nevada Advantage NRT $ 233.00
  • Undergraduate Distance Ed (registered in all web based courses) $116.50 per credit
  • Graduate Distance Ed (registered in all web based courses) $142.75 per credit

Additional Fees

Certain field study, lab, music, art and physical education courses charge additional course fees to cover the costs of materials, transportation, or special instruction.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Eligible students will be charged a Mandatory Health Insurance Fee for the Fall and Spring/Summer terms. All students who have the student health insurance plan during Spring 2019 term will be covered through August 14th 2019, regardless of summer credit hours. This means if you have paid the Spring/Summer student health insurance charge, you will have continuous coverage throughout summer term, regardless of taking classes, traveling or graduating. Please follow the link for more information regarding coverage terms, charges, waivers and deadlines. If the summer term is the first term of attendance, the student must meet all eligibility requirements.

Insurance Exception

Eligible students who have an involuntary loss of coverage under another group insurance plan are eligible to purchase the University of Nevada Reno Student Health Insurance Plan within 30 days of loss of coverage.

Payment Options

Fee bills will not be sent. It is your responsibility to pay fees for classes in which you are registered.

  • MyNEVADA: To pay by electronic check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) please follow the appropriate prompts.
  • Mail: To pay by check or money order, make check payable to the "Board of Regents". Please print your student ID number on the check and send payment to: Cashier's Office & Student Accounting, University of Nevada, Reno Mail Stop 124, Reno, Nevada 89557-0225.