Graduate Fees (Spring 2019)

Registration & Mandatory Fees
Registration fee, per credit 274.75
Technology fee, per credit 9.00
Health Center Fee (students enrolled in 6 or more credits) 93.00
Counseling Services Fee (students enrolled in 6 or more credits) 50.00
Performing Arts Fee 5.00
Student Union Fee (students enrolled in less than 7 credits) 49.00
Student Union Fee (students enrolled in 7 or more credits) 97.00
Academic Success Fee 5.00
Health Insurance 1765.33
Non-Resident Fees - Charged to Non-Resident students in addition to the above
Non-Resident Fee (students enrolled in less than 7 credits), per credit 302.25
Non-Resident Fee (students enrolled in 7 or more credits) 7236.00
Eligible students will be assessed the following in lieu of Non-Resident Fees
Non-Resident Distance Education, per credit 137.50

Additional Fees for International Students
Mandatory Health Insurance (F1 Visa students only) 1051.73
International Student Registration Fee 145.00
Additional Registration & Mandatory Fees, as applicable (all students)
Application Fee (non-refundable) 60.00
New Student Fee (first semester of enrollment) 35.00
Online Learning and Weekend & Late Start Fee, per credit 34.00
Business Differential Fee (all  School of Business graduate level courses), per credit 100.00
Engineering Differential Fee (Engineering program 600 & 700 level courses) per credit 100.00
Nursing Differential Fee (Nursing 500, 600 & 700 level courses), per credit 
(excludes NURS 700-level DNP courses for students enrolled in the program prior to Fall 2016)

Special Course Fees vary by course 
Graduation Fee (graduating students only) 75.00