Transfer agreements

Transfer agreements outline the path to completion for both the associate and subsequent bachelor's degree. Please be aware that the transfer agreements are a guide for degrees and do not need to be completed prior to admission into the University of Nevada, Reno. You only need 24 transferable semester college credits, a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and eligibility for placement into or completion of college-level math and English to be admitted.

Course equivalency and core curriculum

Refer to the course equivalency table to see how your classes transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno. Select your previous college or school and the University to see if your classes will count towards your major or minor.

If you know your major area of study, please refer to the major-to-major agreements in the University catalog. The general core agreements provide broad information; course selection within each area should be made in conjunction with advising from the transfer center. This is essential as there are variations in math, social science, natural science and diversity requirements for many majors. For example, if you self-advise on the math requirement and take a math course which may satisfy the core curriculum for one major, it may not satisfy the requirement for another major.

Please contact an academic advisor within your major to ensure courses are applicable to your degree as well as assistance in choosing the transfer pathway that is right for you.

For admissions questions, contact

Kari Emm
Director of Transfer Recruitment
775) 784-4700, option 1

Other transfer options and pathways

In addition to our standard admissions options, you may want to consider our other transfer programs and pathways, including the following: