Student response systems (SRS)

Student Response Systems (SRS), also referred to as Classroom Response Systems or “clickers,” are web-based systems or software that collect real-time responses from students. They can be used for class discussion, peer instructions, student engagement, and formative assessment.

With SRS instructors can promote deep learning by engaging students in active discussion, assess students understanding and provide immediate visual feedback, and create a more encouraging and engaging learning environment for a diverse student body. TLT supports the use of student response systems by providing training for faculty on how to use this technology effectively to enhance teaching and learning, and by integrating selected SRSs in WebCampus. The systems currently used and supported at the university include TurningPoint and Top Hat.

Turning Point Logo

TurningPoint has been used at University of Nevada, Reno for over a decade. It is a software-based system. The software is installed in all our smart classrooms. Traditionally students use a clicker device to participate in the polling. Now they can use their own mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, and laptops) as virtual clickers with subscription ($25/year).

To make this technology more accessible, we have fully phased out clicker devices and have moved toward using students own mobile devices as virtual clickers. Fall 2017 was the last semester that clicker devices were able to be listed as a part of course requirement. The support for existing clicker devices ended in Spring 2019. Clicker devices are no longer usable in our classrooms. The support for TurningPoint software will continue.

TurningPoint Cloud is integrated with WebCampus.

TurningPoint for students

TurningPoint for faculty

Top Hat Logo

Top Hat has recently been adopted as one of our supported technologies. Top Hat is a web-based system. Students respond to the polling questions using their own mobile devices (cell phone or smart phones, tablets, and laptops) to participate with subscription ($26/term or $43/year).

Top Hat is integrated with WebCampus.

Top Hat for students

Top Hat for faculty

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