Student resources for online classes

As the University of Nevada, Reno adjusts to instructional modalities due to COVID-19, the Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) office is dedicated to providing resources to help you succeed academically.

WebCampus: “Student learning toolkit” resource course

TLT has created an online student learning toolkit to help you succeed in the summer and fall 2020 semesters. These resources are intended to help you familiarize yourself with the tools and methods necessary to successfully complete your courses. This resource is available in the form of a WebCampus course, which will appear on your WebCampus dashboard.

Additional resources

The resources below are intended to help you familiarize yourself with the tools and methods necessary to successfully transition to online learning.

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Getting started

Course delivery types

The University has implemented a phased approach for a safe and strategic return to campus with a number of policies and procedures. For summer and fall 2020, this means that some classes may be presented in a different format than they were originally scheduled. Different classes may employ different or new formats, depending on course size, content, lab work required, and instructor availability.

If you are unsure of your course modality, or if you have questions about how the course will work, contact your instructor. A few of the possible course modalities that will be taking place in summer and fall 2020 are listed below. Note that you may participate in a class that is a blend/hybrid version of the modalities provided below:

Fully online format

Courses that are listed as fully online will take place virtually, with no required campus attendance. Courses may take asynchronous (such as lecture notes or videos) or synchronous (such as live, scheduled Zoom sessions) formats. All course work will be submitted online, and all interaction between students and instructors will take place online.

Mixed-delivery format

Most courses will take on a "mixed-delivery format," meaning that students will not be required to attend all face-to-face course sessions. Students will be assigned to specific on-campus course attendance dates which will be communicated to students before the start of the term. On non-campus course attendance dates, students will be required to attend class virtually, either synchronously via Zoom, or asynchronously in a manner determined by the instructor.

Fully face-to-face format

Some classes will continue in their original modality of face-to-face (f2f) instruction. These classes may be similar to the f2f classes you have taken in the past, but with social distancing recommendations in place.

Introduction to WebCampus tools


Virtual classes using Zoom

Many instructors will host synchronous online sessions using Zoom.

Learn more about using Zoom on our Zoom for students webpage


Online activities, assignments and assessments