Lighting Lab

Lighting Lab bathed in purple and yellow lights

The department's of lighting lab is a 900-square-foot dedicated space for the instruction of stage lighting design and automated lighting programing.

The lab features a 20-foot by 20-foot, 12-inch box truss grid that is suspended on 4 ½ ton chain hoists allowing for easy configuration of lighting fixtures for class projects to be implemented .The lab space allows lighting students the opportunity to get hands on experience with the latest automated fixtures and control, as well as chance to experiment with design ideas.

The lab is equipped with Light lab projects yellow swirls onto floor

  • Elektralite LXE 700 Spots
  • Elektralite My250 Spots
  • High End Systems Technobeam I's,
  • ETC Source Four LED Series 2 ellipsoidals
  • ETC Gio@5 control console

Light lab box truss grid