Theatre and Dance Scholarships

Theatre Program Scholarships

The theatre program offers scholarships to theatre majors in their sophomore, junior and senior years at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Bernardi-Dillard Theatre Scholarships
Two annual awards are made, one to a female student and one to a male. Students are nominated by theatre faculty and must be theatre majors at the junior or senior level, who have demonstrated involvement in University-activities. Full-time enrollment and a 3.0 GPA in the major are required.

This award is named for Jim Bernardi and Bob Dillard, both longtime professors in the theatre program at the University.

Fred MacKenzie Memorial Scholarships
The Fred MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship was established in 1980 by the MacKenzie family, two members of which had been active in Nevada Repertory Company productions. The awards go to outstanding theatre students who graduated from a Nevada high school.

Theatre Department Scholarships
Eligible candidates are nominated and selected by the theatre department faculty. Recipients of this award must be theatre majors and must earn 24 University credits per academic year and maintain full-time enrollment each semester.

Edwin Booth Award
An anonymous donor established the Edwin Booth Award for Service to the Theatre in 1961 in order to encourage and reward serious work in the art of the theatre. It is the theatre divisions highest honor.

The award celebrates Edwin Booth, America's greatest actor of the 19th century. As the critic Augustin Daly commented: "Booth was, certainly the greatest tragic actor of his time, and beyond dispute, the noblest figure, as man and actor, our stage has known this century."

The winner is selected with the following principles of service in mind: artistry, efficiency and collaboration.

Recipients names are inscribed on a plaque displayed the Church Fine Arts Building lobby.

Alpha Psi Omega Scholarships
Alpha Psi Omega members engage in fundraising activities throughout each academic year. Awards are determined and distributed by Alpha Psi Omega members.

Additional scholarships are awarded by Alpha Psi Omega to students in good academic standing who are active in the theatre program.

Dance Program Scholarships

The Dance Program offers two scholarships to dance minors nearing their final year of study at the University of Nevada, Reno (typically senior standing). The dance scholarships are the Maika Scholarship and the Dr. Art Broten Scholarship and recipients are chosen by faculty nominations and departmental vote.