College Life 101 Living Learning Community


Center Students

Expand your knowledge of underrepresented groups through academic coursework and practical application.

Exploration of identity with faculty of color.

Connection to employment and scholarship opportunities.

Exposure to diverse clubs and organizations.

NASO Students


An extension of the Nationally Recognized College Life 101 Retention Program administered by The Center for Student Cultural Diversity.

There will be 12 students living in Canada Hall (6 Women, 6 Men) from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds.


  • Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior currently living in Residence Halls.
  • Make a 1 year commitment to live in the Residence Hall.
  • Inclusion of a Gender, Race, & Identity (GRI 201) Contemporary Diversity Fall 2013 semester.
  • Take a leadership role in planning the programming of Annual Intercultural Month in Spring 2014.
  • Must be a College Life 101 student or sign up for College Life 101 through the Center for Student Cultural Diversity.
  • Weekly check-ins with a student development coordinator.
  • Attend mid-term progress report meeting with a Center staff member each semester.
  • Maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. to meet minimum University academic standards.
  • Volunteer 5 hours of community service with The Center each semester.



Apply for the College Life Living Learning Community by February 22, 2013. Apply Here

Complete Return Housing process with Residential Life, Housing & Food Service in Spring 2013.

Students will be selected for the College Life Living Learning Community by March 15, 2013.

There will be a match meeting after March 15, 2013 where you will meet other participants and have the option to choose your roommate.