College Life 101

College Life 101

Measuring Success

  • 95% of College Life 101 students re-enroll fall to fall
  • 40% of New applicants to College Life 101 were referred by students in the program
  • Two thirds of Academic Interventions in 2010 were successful

The Center's College Life 101 Program is a custom-tailored, support-services initiative aimed to create and support greater cultural diversity within the University.

The University of Nevada, Reno is proud to have received national recognition by the U.S. Department of Education as a best-practice program for Achievement Gap Closure: Promising and Practical Strategies, which highlights the country's best programs in getting self-identified, underrepresented college students to graduation. In addition, the program received a national award in 2011, one of five acknowledged nationally, for helping students get through college with The Center's College Life 101 student-retention program.

Program Description

College Life 101 (CL 101) is a retention and support program designed to help students graduate. It is comprised of three main components: weekly meetings with an advisor, mid-term progress reports and service learning hours. College Life 101's target audience are college students who self-identify as being low-income and first-generation. Each component of the program is designed to meet the unique challenges of these students, which include absence of material and emotional resources, unstable family life, the politics surrounding immigration, and unpreparedness caused by underresourced public schools. College Life 101 offers services to address these issues to help students persist in their course work, graduate with a four-year degree, and achieve a future of prosperity and stability.  

"The center has worked hard since 2003 to set the high-water mark for supporting Nevada's college students. The fact that that we have the top retention program in the West, and one of the top six in the country is a point of pride for the entire University."
–Reg Chhen Stewart Ph.D., Director Diversity Initiatives

Innovation Award

Award-Winning College Life 101 offers:

  • Dedicated multi-ethnic advisors who work as a team to provide comprehensive support services.
  • Advisors work with students to choose and schedule appropriate classes, provide assistance in choosing a major field of study, and assist in the development of career goals by introducing students to practitioners in their prospective fields who come from similar underrepresented backgrounds.
  • A welcoming, supportive atmosphere where barriers to student success (both real and perceived) can be discussed and overcome.

Assessment Forms for Advisors