PAW Mentor Program

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Our Purpose

The Peers-At-Work (PAW) Mentor Program was designed to aid in the retention of first-generation, first-year, and underrepresented student populations. A group of dedicated Mentors and a Retention Specialist will aid students in gaining critical skills through workshops, meetings, and activities. Students will develop their own skills through meetings and social activities catered to them. By creating a strong social network and an environment in which students can express their concerns to find viable solutions, PAW aims to make the transition into college as seamless as possible.

About Us

PAW is powered by highly skilled and passionate Mentors, as well as by a Retention Specialist, all of whom share the experience of being students at the university. Each staff member of the program works hard to plan activities and meetings that will not only cater to each individual participant, but will also create a structure that works for a wide range of students.

Our Mentors pride themselves on being both intellectually and culturally diverse. This diversity allows PAW to connect with a wider audience of students. The mentor selection process involves choosing Mentors with interpersonal skills to ensure the highest level of success. All Mentors are trained with skills such as problem solving, confidentiality, and goal-setting to guide students through a smooth transition into a successful college experience.

Our Process

PAW allows students to work with their peers to practice goal-setting, and to create plans to achieve those goals. This program is committed to retaining first generation and underrepresented student populations to advance student success and close the achievement gap. The program creates a structure in which peers work with and for students to have a successful academic and social college life. PAW participants meet individually with their personal mentor on a weekly basis, as well as meeting with the rest of the participants in the program to create a social network for students involved in the program. PAW participants will receive access to exclusive workshops designed to strengthen their skills.

PAW is strategically housed in The Center, as it provides programs and services that support the academic and social success of all students at the University of Nevada, Reno and in our community. With the support of The Center, PAW provides students access to various resources, and passionate staff members to aid them in their college journey. The Center closely collaborates with different multicultural clubs, organizations, fraternities, and sororities encouraging PAW participants to become involved in leadership to make this campus more welcoming to them and to future generations.

The Skills

This program focuses on Social, Academic, Financial, and Emotional (SAFE) skills. These essential skills are vital to making students well-rounded in a holisitic way. We strengthen these skills through specific practices like goal-setting, interpersonal skills workshops, and connections to resources. Interested? Fill out a PAW Mentee Application and email it to, or stop by The Center to drop it off!