University Testing Center employment

The University Testing Center employs graduate and undergraduate students as proctors and test administrators. Typically, the Testing Center recruits new student employees at the end of each semester. Mandatory training is held before the new semester. In addition, student employees are expected to complete regular training and development exercises as part of their continued employment with the Testing Center.

Students from all backgrounds and disciplines are encouraged to apply. In general, the Testing Center hires two times a year—once for fall semester and then again for spring semester. Job openings are posted in April (for the coming fall semester) and October (for the coming spring semester).

Required qualifications

  • University of Nevada, Reno student with sophomore standing or higher
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Currently enrolled in at least four credit hours (graduates) or six credit hours (undergraduates)
  • Cannot have been sanctioned for a violation of Academic Standards (UAM 6,502)

Preferred qualifications

  • Graduate student or undergraduate student with junior standing or higher
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher
  • Experience working in an office or educational environment
  • Federal work study award recipient

Essential tasks

  • Provide professional and courteous service to test takers, faculty and others who use the Testing Center
  • Complete all required trainings and/or certifications prior to proctoring
  • Set up the testing room and prepare all materials prior to each testing session
  • Verify the identity of all test takers and admit them in accordance with established policies and procedures
  • Safeguard and maintain the confidentiality of test taker information and exam content at all times
  • Inform test takers of rules and policies and explain the rationales behind them
  • Actively monitor all test takers throughout the testing session
  • Respond to and report all incidents or irregularities that may occur
  • Collect and store all materials at the end of each testing session
  • Perform general office work (e.g., copying, filing, scanning, answering phones)
  • Other duties as assigned

Questions about student employment?

If you have any questions about student employment in the Testing Center, please contact Justin Kavanagh, Testing Center Coordinator, by phone at (775) 682-9930 or by email at