Summer Session tuition award

The Summer Session tuition award funds may pay towards tuition and fees for a minimum of six (6) Summer Session credits. 

  • Undergraduate award: $1,500
  • Graduate award: $1,500

Award eligibility

  • Currently enrolled students who were admitted into a degree seeking program at the University for the spring 2021 semester or earlier may apply.
  • You must have been enrolled at least half-time and successfully earned 6 credits during spring 2021 to be eligible.
  • All spring and summer enrollment must appear in MyNEVADA. Students attending the University only for Summer Session are not eligible for the Summer Session tuition award.
  • Financial Aid award packages will be taken into consideration in determining a Summer Session tuition award.

Award criteria

  • You must have a cumulative 2.5 undergraduate or 3.0 graduate GPA at the end of spring 2021 and have earned six (6) credits in spring 2021.
  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) University of Nevada, Reno summer credits that apply to your degree by April 5 and must earn 6 credits by the end of summer. Failure to maintain six (6) credits on or after April 5 could result in loss of eligibility.
  • You must be meeting all Office of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements at the end of spring 2021.
  • Approved coursework must be completed in the summer term. Non-eligible classes include but are not limited to USAC, international exchange, field studies, EMBA, DNP, MSW, MPH, JM, ENT and ACO courses.
  • If your enrollment requires advisor/departmental approval, please plan accordingly so it will not delay registering for summer.

How to apply for the tuition award

The request for funding application will only be available in MyNEVADA under the Supplemental Forms. The application will be available from Mar. 3, 2021 at 12 a.m. (PT) to Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (PT).

To be considered for the award, enrolled students must submit their application within the designated time frame. Tuition award recipients will be determined using a lottery system of potentially eligible applicants.

  1. Complete and submit the “Summer Session Tuition Award Request Application” available in MyNEVADA in Supplemental Forms
  2. Make sure your email address and phone number listed in MyNEVADA are up to date.
  3. Once registration opens, select your courses carefully, and then register through MyNEVADA for six (6) eligible credits by April 5. Wait-listed courses do not count towards enrollment.

Possible funds available

The Summer Session tuition award funds may be used toward tuition and fees. Before you make a commitment to enroll, carefully evaluate whether you have enough funds to meet your living expenses and other education-related costs. You may want to meet with a financial aid advisor for additional funding Summer Session options.

Academic progress

If you are funded for Summer Session, you are responsible for earning six (6) undergraduate or graduate credits. Withdrawing, receiving an incomplete or failing any of your 6 credits will result in the cancellation of your award and a charge of the award amount will be applied to in your MyNEVADA account. It will be your responsibility to repay the funds in full to the Cashier’s Office. If you have not satisfied Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for summer financial aid eligibility, you cannot appeal to receive these funds.

Award disbursement

May 11: You will be notified whether or not you have received a Summer Session tuition award.

May 26: If after spring grades post you are found to be ineligible, we will begin notifying you on this date.

June 4: Award recipients enrolled in Mini and First session will have their funds disbursed to their MyNEVADA accounts beginning on this date.

July 9: Award recipients enrolled only in Second Session will have their funds disbursed to their MyNEVADA accounts beginning on this date.

You will continue to receive billing communications until the award has been disbursed to your MyNEVADA account. Award recipients will not be assessed any late fees or be purged from their courses. All students receiving an award are responsible for paying account balances above the award amount the Friday before their class begins.


For questions about the Summer Session tuition award, contact:

Sandi Guidry
Phone: (775) 784-4652