Summer Freshman Start

Summer 2020 schedule

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the University’s operations during the summer will be remote or online. During second summer session (July 13 – August 13), class delivery (online vs. in-person) will vary. Some classes are planning to resume in-person delivery with proper social distancing and density reduction. Check the course footnotes in MyNEVADA for details or check the Second Session online class list for classes that will have an online option.

Summer Freshman Start is an opportunity for incoming freshmen to come to campus early and take classes during the summer before their first fall semester begins.  Summer courses are offered in many subjects, including math, English and 100- or 200-level classes that satisfy core requirements needed for your degree. Taking classes in the summer allows you to get an early start on your education, while enjoying free outdoor events and the beauty of campus during the summer months.

How to enroll in Summer Session classes

Before you can enroll in Summer Session classes, you must first be accepted to the University of Nevada, Reno for Fall.

  1. Activate your MyNEVADA account and accept admission for fall.
  2. Submit the Summer Session Activation Form, located in MyNEVADA under Supplemental Forms, to activate your account for summer registration. The form is available starting in March.
  3. Register for summer classes in MyNEVADA by selecting the summer term and adding classes. Registration begins in April. Contact the Summer Session office at (775) 784-4652 if you need help.

Summer housing

Summer 2020 housing update

Please contact Residential Life, Housing & Food Services ( if you would like information on housing. Check their summer housing webpage for updates regarding on-campus housing this summer.

For students who are taking class(es) at the University during Summer Session and need on-campus housing, dorm rooms are available. Generally, incoming freshmen who sign up for summer housing are grouped together on the same floor of a residence hall.

Residential Hall Summer Assistants (RAs) are available to help residents get to know one another and to encourage participation in summer activities. Students living in dorms during Second Summer Session who are also living in the dorms for the fall semester may sign up for uninterrupted housing during the gap between Summer Session ending and NevadaFIT or the fall semester beginning (additional charges apply).

For more information, please contact the Residential Life, Housing & Food Service office.

2019 Summer Freshman Start participants

100% of Summer Freshman Start’s 2019 exit survey respondents recommend that incoming freshmen participate in the program. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

“The Summer Freshman Start program was a great way for me to get familiar with the campus, introduce myself to professors and build rapport with them, complete prerequisite courses, and get ahead of the Pack!”

“As a first generation student, the Summer Freshman Start experience made me feel like I was meant to be a part of the Wolf Pack.”

“The Summer Freshman Start program really helped me transition into college life. The class sizes were much smaller than in the fall, which gave me more of an individualized approach to learning.”

“Summer Freshman Start was a great way to get ahead, adapt, and figure out college life on a smaller scale. I got to know my way around campus, which helped a lot going into the fall semester. It was an overall fantastic experience!!”

“Summer Freshman Start provided me with an opportunity to get ahead. I knocked out two classes and earned six credits before almost all of my other classmates even started class. Students who want to get ahead of the curve should seriously consider enrolling and applying for the tuition award that can cover the cost of the summer tuition if received.”

Haiku contest

The winners of the Summer Freshman Start haiku contest wrote some impressive Haikus about their experiences this past summer. Check them out! Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest.

“New school warm weather
Crisp textbooks, new school supplies
Freshman Start, good choice”

By Jaidyn MacDonald, a 2019 Summer Freshman Start participant and psychology major from Reno, Nevada.

“I decided to do Freshman Start because I wanted to get a taste of college life and settle in before fall semester started!”

“Sunkissed light
Blossoming of friendships
Beautiful campus”

By Sophia He, a 2019 Summer Freshman Start participant and pre-business major from Sparks, Nevada.

“During the summer, I wanted to do something more productive than staying home and doing nothing, so I applied for the Summer Freshman Start and it was one of the best decisions of my life! The award let me get ahead of my peers and I got two courses of my choice for free.”