For Faculty/Staff and Presenters


The Student Success Series provides a unified method of delivering programs, presentations, and workshops for transitioning students. By unifying efforts, the Student Success Series allows for greater collaboration, marketing, and simplicity for students. We welcome program submissions that will contribute to the goals listed below. Please select the Program Submissions link to the right to submit your program.


The Student Success Series promotes academic and personal success for students throughout their first year in order to build a foundation for long-term success at NEVADA. This is accomplished through a comprehensive schedule of programs and workshops which integrate academic, co-curricular, and personal development elements.


  • Assist first year students with their transition to NEVADA
  • Promote academic integration and skill development
  • Promote social integration through the co-curriculum
  • Promote personal development and self-management
  • Promote academic and career exploration
  • Promote an understanding and utilization of campus resources