USAC Specialty Programs

A Specialty program represents a kind of extension of the University of Nevada, Reno campus abroad. Learn more about the key features of a Specialty program below, and then scroll down for a full list of USAC Specialty programs, program details, and academic advising guides by location. 

  • Onsite staff: Specialty programs have permanent, full-time Resident Directors, staff, and faculty onsite. Many Specialty programs are located in regions where English is not a primary language, so USAC staff is available to help you navigate the experience if you do not speak the local language (although we hope you will take this opportunity to practice your language skills and connect with locals!). USAC staff members arrange housing, plan USAC-sponsored field trips/tours, seek out internship placements, volunteer and service learning opportunities in the local community and businesses, and are available to students for travel suggestions, advising, and other needs while abroad.
  • Campus experience: Your classroom instruction will take place on a university campus abroad (the only exception is Puntarenas, Costa Rica), and you will be in class primarily with other USAC students. You will be taught by local and US professors. All of the resources at that university are available to USAC students and provide extraordinary integration opportunities: language conversation partners, campus activities and clubs, cafeterias, internet labs, recreational facilities, etc. 
  • Academics: You will earn University of Nevada, Reno credit while abroad, and your courses will appear in your MyNevada account. A Specialty program typically offers intensive study in the local language (beginner to advanced), miscellaneous courses related to the local culture, as well as a concentration of courses in one or more disciplines. For example, the Shanghai, China program offers Chinese language; culture courses such as Chinese CuisineChinese Calligraphy, and Tai Chi; and a variety of international business courses.  Although most courses are taught in English, there are opportunities for those fluent in the local language to enroll in coursework offered in that language. 
  • Scholarships and financial aid: Federal financial aid and most Nevada scholarships, including the Millennium scholarship, can be used toward Specialty study abroad programs. 




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Czech Republic