USAC Partnership Programs

Partnership programs are exchange-based agreements in which USAC functions as the intermediary between you and our partner university abroad.  Learn more about the key features of a Partnership program below, and then scroll down for a full list of USAC Partnership programs, program details, and academic advising guides by location. 

  • Onsite staff: Upon arrival at the program site, you will receive assistance from the host university's International Programs Office staff. They will provide an international student orientation, organize student activities, and assistant with finalizing your course registration and schedule. 
  • Campus experience: You will be registered directly at the host university, and will have access to the same type of services, support, and resources as any other international student. As a regular student of the host university, you should expect to assume more responsibility and initiative for your academic and social life. USAC will provide you with a list of student clubs and organizations, and volunteer and other immersion opportunities, but ultimately it will be up to you to reach out, connect with locals, and create the type of abroad experience you want.
  • Academics: You will be enrolled at and receive a transcript directly from the host university, and USAC will assist in transferring those international credits back to UNR. Most of our Partnership programs are located in English-speaking countries (or countries where many locals speak English in addition to other languages) and all provide instruction in English. Students typically have access to the full curriculum offered by the host university, as well other courses specifically designed for international students. 
  • Scholarships and financial aid: Federal financial aid and many Nevada scholarships can be used toward Partnership study abroad programs. The Millennium Scholarship cannot be applied toward Partnership study abroad programs. 

All programs are semester terms unless otherwise noted; make sure to select the advising term for the appropriate term you are looking for (either summer or semester) when both are offered.







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