Past Programs

The list below provides a sample of the various workshops and events that are offered during the Success Series. For a list of upcoming workshops please go to our Fall 2012 schedule.

Academic Skills Review

  •  A refresher on taking notes, test taking, and writing tips.

Exploring and Choosing a Major

  •  Choosing a major can be daunting, but it can also be a great time to explore your interests and goals. Learn how to make the most of exploring your interests and goals to pick the right major for you.

Test Anxiety and Stress Management

  •  Learn about and develop strategies to manage stress and test anxiety.

Building your Career

  •  It's never too early to begin preparing and planning for your career. Gain an understanding of the career planning process to help you leverage your educational experiences for your future career.

Resume Basics

  •  Looking for a summer internship or job? Then start early by learning essential skills to create a great resume.

Living Off-Campus: The good, the bad, and the realities

  • What: Are you considering living off-campus next year? Gather all of the basic information you need to live off-campus such as managing roommate conflicts, paying bills, cooking for yourself, and more.

Getting Ready for Your Sophomore Year

  • What: A panel of students will field your questions and provide advice for transitioning to your sophomore year and how to make the most of it.

Improving Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

  • What: Enhance your essential thinking skills for analyzing and solving problems.

Developing Interdependence

  •  Learn how to work with others in a supportive way.

Being a Creator vs. a Victim

  •  Reframe your thinking and actions in order to practice personal responsibility and take control of your life.

Unblurring that line...Avoiding the Academic Hangover Brought to you by Be in the Know

  •  Balancing a social life with academics is challenging for anyone. Adding alcohol or pot to your social life often leads to an "academic hangover".

Note Taking Strategies

  •  Learn strategies for taking effective notes in the classroom and utilizing them to master information.

Test Taking Strategies

  •  Discover test taking strategies that will allow you to be a more efficient and effective test taker.

Using Your Time Effectively

  •  Time management is key. This presentation will help you learn how to maximize your time and efforts.

Financial Literacy

  •  Budget your money and learn how credit works so you can be smart with your finances.

Getting Involved on Campus

  • What: Find out how to take advantage of all of the opportunities in student activities, clubs, organizations, student government and more.

Tips for Effective Writing

  •  Advice from the experts to help you through the writing process.

Biggest Little Major-Minor Fair on Campus

  •  Come explore potential majors and minors in front of the Joe

Success From a Student Perspective

  •  Tips from students on what it takes to be successful at the University

Utilizing Your Learning Style

  •  Identify how you learn best and how to use your learning style to your benefit

The Social Network

  •  Utilize social media to build your brand, keep your reputation safe, and enhance your connections with others.

Using the Resources at the Knowledge Center

  • Struggling to find sources for your class project? Come learn about all of the resources available to you in the Knowledge Center.

Test Taking Strategies Review

  •  Brush up on test taking strategies as you prepare for mid-terms

Last Minute Study Tips

  •  Cramming for your mid-terms? Explore some last minute tips for success.

Managing Stress and Test Anxiety

  •  Learn how you can manage your stress to stay successful

Utilizing your Advisor: When/Where/How/What

  •  Advisors discuss how you can best utilize your academic advisor as a resource to help you succeed

Using MyNEVADA: Tips and Tricks From Students