Student Services Development and Engagement Committee


Sheena Harvey, Chair 
Coordinator, Sports and Events
Fitness and Recreational Sports
682-7173 |

Saundra Mitrovich
Coordinator, Outreach and Retention
The Center for Student Diversity
682-6499 |

Geoffrey Green
Financial Aid Advisor
Student Financial Aid & Scholarships
682-8090 |

Amy Koeckes
Associate Director, Student Engagement Outreach
Center for Student Engagement 
784-6589 |

Maria Young
Clinical Social Worker
Counseling Services
784-4648 |

Aubrey Hughes
Executive Assistant
Admissions and Records
784-4700 |


(Section 8.5 of the Student Services Bylaws)

Specific charges of the Division Personnel Committee shall be as follows:

  1. It shall serve as an appeals board for professional evaluations and make recommendations to the Vice President for Student Services;
  2. It shall be responsible for making recommendations on proposed amendments to and interpretations of these Bylaws;
  3. It shall monitor merit distributions throughout the Division;
  4. It shall submit nominees for the position of Acting Vice President for Student Services to the President. It may also address other personnel issues as seem appropriate; and
  5. It shall serve as the repository of specific procedures/processes as described by these bylaws.

A. Committee Membership: All members of the faculty with the exceptions of the Vice President for Student Services and the Associate/Assistant Vice presidents shall be eligible to serve on this committee.

Every two years the Committee shall be charged to review membership and reapportion as necessary using the following guidelines

  1. (1) The Committee shall consist of up to 10 voting members.
  2. (2) Each of the three units shall have a minimum of one representative.
  3. (3) The remaining positions may be allocated proportionally by each unit based on every 10 current, filled administrative faculty positions of 0.50 FTE or greater.
  4. (4) The current Student Services Faculty Senate representative shall be a non-voting member.

B. Terms and Selection: Each committee member is to serve up to three consecutive years. Upon completion of their term, a faculty member is not eligible to serve another term for a period of one year, except for a faculty member serving as Chair-Elect in their last year of eligibility. Selections, based on three-year overlapping terms when possible, shall be made by faculty within each Unit by January of each calendar year.

C. Officers: Officers of the committee shall include a chairperson and a chairperson elect elected by majority vote of the committee. Each January the Chair-elect assumes the position of the Chair. The committee shall be convened by the Chair for purposes of electing a new Chair-elect no later than the first week of February each year.

D. Meetings: The committee shall meet a minimum of two times per year

E. Appeals: Faculty members involved in an appeal under paragraph Section 8.2 above as either a petitioner or a respondent shall not serve on the Division Personnel Committee while so involved. If a member of the Division Personnel Committee brings an appeal before the Committee, that member shall be replaced on the committee during said appeal. Likewise, if an appeal is brought before the committee by a faculty member whose supervisor is on the committee, that supervisor shall be replaced on the committee for the duration of that particular appeal. Replacements in both instances shall be drawn by lot from the pool of eligible faculty members in the Unit from which the member being replaced comes.