NASPA 2017 Western Regional Pre-Conference

Join us in Hawaii

We will be offering the following Pre-Conference Workshop. Bring your own data and we'll help you put it to use!

Title: Stop Sitting on Your Data! Become Knowledge Empowered

Efficient data use starts with good data management but ends only when you generate and share knowledge.

This workshop is designed to transition a "data rich" office whose knowledge is poor to an office that is knowledge empowered. Every office has access to survey data, enrollment demographics, retention and graduation rates, assessment results and much more. This preconference is designed to help you put it to great use achieving your desired outcomes whether it is maximizing a budget, increasing retention or developing a new initiative.  

Preconference faculty will coach you through a step by step process to organize and use your data effectively. We will answer the question, "How do you organize your data so you and others can efficiently and effectively use it to create knowledge?"   

The pre-conference is designed for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced student affairs practitioners engaged in data management, assessment, or research as some portion of their work. If you have data but you think this is beyond you then this is the workshop for you!  You don't need a fancy statistical program for this course. To identify trends and evaluate outcomes, all you need is a spreadsheet. Participants will leave with a toolkit of processes and strategies to become knowledge rich. We will help you use the data you have been collecting but neglecting, so PLAN TO BRING YOUR OWN DATA. (You will learn best using your data, but we will also provide access to practice datasets.) Last but not least, we will share best practices to assess the impact of your data products. 

Coordinator: About Dr. Ellis
Shannon Ellis, PhD. Vice President of Student Services, University of Nevada, Reno
Faculty: About Us
Jennifer Lowman, PhD., Director of the Office for Student Persistence Research, University of Nevada, Reno
Lisa Maletsky, MPH, Coordinator of the Office for Student Persistence Research, Doctoral Candidate of Interdisciplinary Social Psychology PhD Program, University of Nevada, Reno