Nevada Oath

  • I commit myself to the pursuit of knowledge and academic integrity.
  • I will respect the tradition of academic inquiry at the University of Nevada, Reno, its mission and its rules of conduct.
  • I will honor the dignity of all persons, listening to, striving to learn from and respecting the rights of those who differ from myself.
  • I will contribute to the development of a caring community where compassion for others and freedom of thought and expression are valued.
  • I will honor, challenge and contribute to the scholarly heritage left by those who preceded me and work to leave this university a better place for those to follow...academically, humanely, and globally. I will account for myself responsibly by keeping a flexible and open mind, utilizing critical skills and fairness for problem solving and leadership. 
  • Allegiance to these ideals requires each member of the campus to refrain from and discourage behavior which threatens the freedom and respect every individual deserves.
  • My endorsement of these common principles is my commitment to the University of Nevada, Reno and its community of scholars.