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Commitment to Diversity

Student Services Division Commitment to Diversity

The Division of Student Services at the University of Nevada, Reno distinguishes itself as exemplary by the way we help each member of our learning community succeed. In providing a quality learning environment, we encourage open inquiry, value the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, and provide collaborative services and programs. In doing so, our goal is to develop a diverse campus climate and promote a safe and hospitable environment that extends beyond a statement of good intentions and uplifting principles. In fulfilling our responsibility to help graduates succeed in a diverse global environment, Student Services staff are educators and leaders in diversifying the University. We are dedicated to the following principles and actions that will help us accomplish our vision.

Guiding Principles

  • The Division of Student Services at the University of Nevada, Reno will promote diversity in a learning environment that stimulates debate and free inquiry within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality and respect both in and out of the classroom setting.
  • Student Services will communicate the knowledge that the presence and contribution of ALL students' are of great value.
  • Student Services will conduct ongoing assessment of our own ability to identify and respond to issues affecting campus climate. We seek to learn as we lead and collaborate with all members of our University community.
  • Student Services will ensure that all programs, services and office environments are welcoming and able to assist any person regardless of his or her race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national or geographical origin, ability or socio-economic status.


  1. Student Learning and Success
    1. Each Student Services department will develop and maintain offices which are considered to be welcoming, safe and supportive for all students.
    2. Student Services staff will encourage and promote opportunities for all students to freely learn from and challenge each other.
    3. Programs and services on diversity issues are the responsibility of all Student Services staff and not limited to those from underrepresented groups.
    4. Each Student Services department will design, co-sponsor and/or implement at least one program for staff and/or students each semester specifically designed to promote a better understanding of an underrepresented group. All Student Services’ web sites will be accessible to all students and consistent with Section 508 regulations. (i.e. readable text and button at top of web page.)
    5. Student Services will be cognizant of needs pertaining to time, place, religion, food, and other factors when organizing events.
  2. Hiring, Training and Professional Development
    1. The Diversity Strategic Implementation Team will lead the collaborative effort of the Student Services division and will provide on-going multi-cultural and diversity training.
    2. Student Services will recognize individuals and organizational units for exceptional progress in creating an inclusive and inviting climate.
    3. All Student Services staff are expected to expand their knowledge and skills to serve an increasingly diverse student body and to prepare all students to be effective global citizens.
    4. Student Services will engage in outreach efforts to ensure diverse, qualified applicant pools.
      • For administrative faculty, additional advertising and outreach efforts will be utilized to enhance the diversity of applicant pools. Searches may be extended in order to attract a diverse applicant pool. Search finalist pools shall include qualified candidates from underrepresented groups that bring diversity to a specific program or office and the diversity as a whole.
      • For classified staff, the type of recruitment most likely to attract a diverse applicant pool will be determined in consultation with Human Resources. Alternative recruitment methods may provide greater opportunity to ensure diverse applicant pools must be pursued.
    5. Student Services will make every effort to hire a diverse student employee staff and provide cultural diversity sensitivity training.
    6. Each office will develop criteria about climate issues to be used in evaluating applicants’ demonstrated successful experience working with diverse student populations.
    7. Student Services supervisors are to ensure that work performance standards and annual performance reviews will include assessment of each individual's ability to achieve these goals.
  3. Collaboration and Outreach
    1. Student Services will partner with students and academic colleagues to promote a diverse curriculum and to integrate campus climate concerns into creating safe spaces in the classroom.
    2. The Division will make intentional efforts to promote diversity education in Freshman Year Experience (FYE) classes and New Student Orientation.
    3. Student Services faculty and staff will encourage and support programs and develop appropriate opportunities for internships in this division (i.e. Minority Undergraduate Fellow Program – MUFP) in support of diversity. Each member of the Student Services division will create a supportive mentoring environment that enhances retention of young professionals in the field of Student Services.
    4. Every Student Services faculty and staff member will seek out and share best practices with colleagues on other campuses who are working to improve climate.
    5. Student Services will seek out opportunities to collaborate with local and statewide organizations and educational institutions to increase awareness of the pathways and benefits of higher education in order to ensure a diverse student body.

This statement will be reviewed on an annual basis by all members of the Student Services Division and updated by the Diversity Strategic Implementation Team.

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