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1.) Fill out the Graduate & Undergraduate Scholarship Application in MyNevada Supplemental Forms. This is available October 1 and the priority deadline is February 1. All university scholarships require this form be submitted each year (it takes under 2 minutes to sign save and submit). Reminder emails from are sent to each student's preferred email address shown in MyNEVADA when it's time to do this.

2.) Check and read your email messages from the university. Scholarship opportunities are often sent out throughout the year. Adding to your contacts will help make sure you receive the messages.

3.) Check to see if your specific major has their own scholarship form. If so, you will be required to complete it in order to be eligible for university based scholarships within your major. Go to Scholarships for Colleges to find out more.

4.) Enroll in at least 15 credits every semester. Go to 30 to Complete to find out more .

5.) Don't ignore the small scholarships, there tends to be more of them to go around. The chance of getting a $500 scholarship is usually higher than the chance of getting a $25,000 scholarship.

6.) If the scholarship is awarded to you from an organization outside of UNR, find out if they need documentation from UNR before they can release the money. Typically, you'll be required to send proof of enrollment, a class schedule and your NSHE number in order to get the money. Just because you're offered the money, doesn't mean it will automatically be available when fees are due. You may have to submit certain documents before this happens.  It is also really important to report all outside scholarships to the scholarship office.  Please email a photo or scan your scholarship award notice to and include your NSHE ID and the amount of the scholarship in the email.

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