First in the Pack Program Expectations

Students accepted into the First in the Pack program are required to follow our expectations.

  • Students must meet with their Academic Advisor in their college at minimum, once per semester. Students are required to check in with their coach after the meeting.
  • Students must attend Fall Retreat and Spring Retreat.
  • Students must attend some form of tutoring for at least one of their classes. First in the Pack staff can assist student in looking at tutoring options.
  • Students must fill out their FAFSA, if eligible, at renew it for their sophomore year. First in the Pack staff can assist Students with this if needed.
  • Students must communicate regularly with their academic coach and come in for scheduled meetings.
  • We want our students to know that we are here to help them. Students must make an effort to ask us for help, keep us informed and consult us before making any big academic decisions, such as dropping a class.
  • Students must allow us to access academic and financial aid information so we can better assist them.
  • Students must allow us to communicate with their instructors and tutors so we can track progress and offer assistance.
  • We will have community service opportunities and events throughout the year. Students are asked to participate when they can.
  • Students are required to keep their contact information current, notify us of changes and respond to our phone calls/emails within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Students are asked to make an effort to be involved in our program. We would like students to attend workshops and events, communicate regularly with us and allow us to help when needed.

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