Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I feel unsafe or threatened by a student?

  • For emergencies, call 911.
  • For non-emergencies, call 775-334-COPS  (2677)

How do I respond to a disruptive student in the classroom?

You should contact the department chair and/or the associate dean for your academic college.

Will this report become a part of the student's educational record?

Every effort is made to keep information provided to the Student Intervention Team confidential. The information does not become a part of the student's academic record. In order to discuss your particular student's case, you should contact the Student Intervention Team chair, Dean of Students, Kimberly Thomas, 775-682-6846 or If the Dean of Students is not available, contact the Associate Vice President, Jerry Marczynski at 775-784-1471 or If you are concerned about your safety, or the safety of others, contact 911.

Who can I contact with general questions?

  • The chair of the Student Intervention Team is the Dean of Students.  Contact the Dean of Students at 775-682-6846 with questions or to discuss training options.
  • To schedule a suicide prevention training contact Carla Franich in Counseling Services at 775-784-4648.
  • To discuss training options for classroom safety or active threat training contact University Police Services at 775-784-4013 or email the department at
  • For additional resources see the resource page at

What if I approach a student and encourage counseling, but the student refuses to go?

  • You may call counseling services while you are with the student in order to make the student more comfortable with the referral.  During the phone conversation with counseling services, you may also receive advice from the staff.
  • Ultimately, unless there is a concern for self-harm and/or harm to others, the decision to seek support is the student's decision.  However,  your continued support of the student is important.