CONNECT Shuttle Service

The Center for Student Engagement is excited to present an innovative new program that will assist in providing community engagement opportunities for student groups.

CONNECT: Your shuttle to community engagement and service

The CONNECT is a 25-passenger shuttle bus that student organizations and student services departments may request for free transportation to civic and community engagement projects. The shuttle bus was funded in 2014 from the department of Student Services and ASUN (Associated Students of the University of Nevada).

The way it works is simple: You plan the project, we provide the shuttle and a qualified driver to transport the group. With this shuttle, we hope to eliminate one of the biggest challenges in getting students engaged in projects in the community: transportation.

With this obstacle removed, we invite you to consider the possibilities and to begin planning projects with which we can assist you. Our community awaits with many opportunities for students to be active participants by helping others, experiencing culture and engaging with other leaders.

We want to help get your group there if your project

  • Includes up to 25 Nevada undergraduate students as participants
  • Is within 50 miles of the university
  • Is up to 8 hours total, including travel time
  • Aligns with our mission of community engagement, includes learning outcomes for student participants and a method of assessing and documenting their experience

We request that you give us plenty of time (at least 3 weeks) to plan and schedule the project, since this program is staffed almost entirely by student employees and they have busy schedules. If you have an idea for a project that doesn't meet one of these guidelines, let's talk about it and find out how it can work.

Submit an online request for CONNECT Shuttle Service