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Public Forum Preamble

This University has always created an environment for raising challenging questions and the discussion of significant issues. There is perhaps none more significant that the challenge and issue of free speech. A function of free speech is to invite dispute which can result in unrest, anger, and dissatisfaction. It is in this light that the university has traditionally understood the First Amendment's application to our campus. Of all social institutions, the university should be the most friendly toward and protective of the right of free expression.

For over one hundred years the University of Nevada, Reno has followed the traditions of college campuses in this country by designating public forum areas on campus. We have interpreted law and policy in a broad and flexible manner so as to allow all views to be expressed while continuing to carry on the mission of learning, research, and service. The public forum policy now reflects the long time practices of this University. It was, in fact, developed in full consultation with student, faculty and staff whose ideas are reflected in this document. The ability to craft a policy that is open and inclusive while taking into consideration such a diverse set of views, is a testament to the value of what is taught, learned and practiced at the University of Nevada, Reno. - Section 5,303

We would like to thank UC Davis for letting us use some content from their website - UC Davis Expression Website