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Mind Matters Town Halls

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Civic Learning in I.H.E. for the Mind Matters Town Hall I.H.E Courses and Town Hall

  1. Problem Solving Framework
  2. Define the Problem
  3. Generate Evidence
  4. Propose/Consider Solutions
  5. Disseminate Results: Town Hall
  6. Reflect on Civic Aspects of Problem Solving Assignments

How do I.H.E. and Town Hall Connect with this Assignment?

  • Support and Training for the Town Hall Event:
    • I.H.E. Faculty
      • Faculty integrate problem-solving assignments for mental wellness into the I.H.E. course. Then, students attend The Town Hall.
  • Town Hall Table Coaches
    • Table Coaches are trained to facilitate student table groups.
      • Coaches include: Faculty, former Town Hall students, Resident Assistants, Student Life Staff, and Administrators.

Contact Information

Michael N. Willard, Faculty Director of Service Learning