Information for Students Being Charged with Academic Misconduct

Our goal is that no student would be involved in an academic standards policy violation. We've provided several resources to help students with proper citation and prevention of academic dishonesty.

If, however, you are charged with a violation, your responsibilities as a student are listed below.

Student Responsibilities:

There are three ways in which the student may choose to respond to the faculty member's charges:

Through a personal meeting, through a telephone conversation, or, in writing. Students are responsible for being acquainted with the procedures outlined in the Academic Standards Policy for resolving an accusation of academic dishonesty.

The student has the responsibility of communicating their decision about accepting or not accepting the charge to the instructor. It is very important that the student take an active role in effectively resolving the charge and/or assisting the instructor in investigating the charge.

It is the student's responsibility to inform the faculty member about whether he or she is accepting the academic sanction (and responsibility for the academic dishonesty), or wishes to appeal the decision of the faculty.

Student Appeals:

If the student wishes to appeal, then it is very important that the student communicate this fact to the chairperson of the department  within the time limits allowed. The Academic Standards can be viewed here.