Official policies of the University

These regulations and policies are in effect for any student conduct taking place on campus property, at campus-sponsored events (on or off campus property), at events where the student represents the University ( is engaged in field work, conference attendance, or athletic team events under the auspices of the University) and is involved in incidents that have a direct negative impact on the University as a community of scholars..

The faculty members of the Office of Student Conduct administrate the University's student conduct program and the disciplinary process, according to University of Nevada, Reno, Student Code of Conduct.

The "Student Code of Conduct " is published annually. The Board of Regents for the Nevada System of Higher Education have given authority to each NSHE campus to establish their individual student codes of conduct, regulations and procedures.

The faculty in the Office of Student Conduct collaborate with the Residential Life faculty in responding to every reported incident involving alleged student misconduct that occurs on university property, at a university-sponsored function, of in the University neighborhood, by:

  1. Reviewing the referral to determine whether the evidence from the incident supports the assertion that student misconduct occurred.
  2. Determining whether informal or formal disciplinary action is advised for successful resolution of the student misconduct. (In almost all cases, informal disciplinary action is recommended and pursued.)
  3. Contacting the student by letter in a timely manner to notify the student that student disciplinary action is being initiated.
  4. Informing the student of the type of disciplinary action that is being pursued — whether it is: informal investigation, a conference, informal resolution, or a formal hearing.
  5. Investigating the incident to determine the severity of the misconduct, the person(s) responsible for it, and the appropriate resolution, including university disciplinary sanctioning as the consequence.
  6. Providing a written record of the action taken to resolve the charge(s) of misconduct for each student and for every incident, to be provided to the student involved and maintained as a record in the Office of Student Conduct.
  7. Providing support, consultation, and the appropriate referral(s) for services to all persons (faculty, staff, and students) who are victims of student misconduct that is also a crime.
  8. Providing support for all national. professional, and university standards of privacy of student records for all cases of student disciplinary action; including the university record of such action. This practice is in keeping with the standards established by federal law (FERPA) and guidelines for a student's right to privacy for educational records.

To seek services for referring, addressing, and resolving student misconduct, contact us.