Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Liaison Services

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Faculty of the Office of Student Conduct assists students in resolving disputes with fellow students. This assistance is provided in 3 forms: Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Liaison services. Students are encouraged to seek out assistance when they have a desire to resolve the conflict but do not feel they can do so on their own.

Conflict Resolution services are provided to assist the student in actively determining a resolution of the conflict with the other person. These services are provided to help students establish accountability for the perceived wrong and allow for the responsible party to change their behavior without necessarily being subject to conduct charges. However, conduct charges may still occur in certain situations.

With Conflict Mediation services, a staff member will meet with the two students experiencing conflict. The staff member will then mediate the discussion between the two students, allowing for them to resolve the conflict with each other directly in a safe and secure manner and achieve a compromise.

Conflict Liaison services are provided to refer students to potential outside resources if the student's conflict is best suited for another University department or resource. The Office of Student Conduct faculty will help connect the students with these resources to allow for better resolution of the problem.

In supplying each student involved in the dispute, these services are provided within a private context. This excludes situations in which the potential for harm to others is present. If such a situation occurs, faculty of the Office of Student Conduct will need to address this with the appropriate agency.

Students in conflict with faculty are encouraged to talk to that faculty member directly. If the conflict continues after such a meeting, students should contact the chair of that faculty's department.

To seek these services, contact the Office of Student Conduct at 775-784-4388.