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STEMBOPS aims to make cutting-edge STEM topics both engaging and accessible through modern media. Using their research at UNR, students on the STEMBOPS team create short videos on their work, explaining how to build a robotic hand or culture a human cell. With both English and Spanish versions for each video, and topics ranging from fields such as Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, and Renewable Energy, there's something for everyone!

English Versions of Videos

Air Traffic Control for Drones (Transcript)
Created by Camille Bourquin
There are more drones flying every year, and managing air traffic to keep everyone safe can be a challenge. Here's how NASA is going to help solve this problem!

Minute CS: Cyber Security (Transcript)
Created by Cayler Miley and Daniel Lopez
Computer viruses often infect other computers through phishing tools over an internet connection. Learn about how phishing works and how to combat it!

Minute CS: Inside the Internet (Transcript)
Created by Daniel Lopez
Have you ever wondered how the internet works? This is a brief introduction into the way computer communicate and what your computer is really doing when you hop on your web browser.

Robotic Hands (Transcript)
Created by Giselle Serate and Juliana Anderson
We build a robotic hand using 3D printing, and then program it using an Arduino board!

Waste Water Filtration (Transcript)
Created by Juliana Anderson
Watch wastewater turn into high quality reclaimed water using a combination of technologies. The work shown will be used as part of a direct potable (safe to drink) reuse system.

Robotic Teleoperation Using Virtual Reality (Transcript)
Created by Justin Stevens and Giselle Serate
Teaching a robot to do something is already a very difficult task, but what about teaching a robot how to teach itself? In our video, we explore how this could be accomplished.

Getting Clean Water out of Groundwater (Transcript)
Created by Kevin Salls
We purify water using a direct contact membrane distillation, saving energy and creating high quality water from a contaminated source.

Fluorescent Cell Microscopy (Transcript)
Created by Matthew Henderson
Lots of experiments can only be performed on human cells. But did you know that human cells can be cultured in the lab? In this video we'll show you how it's done!

What is a Solar Cell? (Transcript)
Created by Raghavi Anand
Did you know that there are different types of solar cells? This video introduces viewers to a specific type of solar cell --- photoelectrochemical --- and shows you how it functions.

Human Cell Research (Transcript)
Created by Matthew Henderson
Microscopy plays a critical role in imaging cells after the experiment is over. In this video, we talk about the numerous uses and applications of florescent microscopes, and how they help make research easier for everyone.

Robotic Navigation (Transcript)
Created by Hannah Huh
Check this video out to learn about robotic navigation using a Roomba model, a laser, and the Robot Operating System!Q Learning: (Sidney Taylor)
This video describes how Q learning is applied to 'The Gridworld Project'. It will break down the process of how a program will use Q Learning to find the optimal, and most rewarding path to the agents goal.

Minute CS: Wifi Vs Ethernet
Created by Daniel Lopez and Cayler Miley
Ever wondered how your smartphone connects to the internet while you're surrounded by thousands of people doing the exact same thing? It actually boils down to a simple politeness rule you probably learned in elementary school. In this video, we'll learn the differences between WiFi and Ethernet and how they use techniques you are already familiar with to work.

Cell Culture Passaging
Created by Matthew Henderson
This video describes the processes to grow and continue cultivating live human cells for use in future experiments. The video covers their seeding process, their growth, and how they are transferred to new areas when they outgrow their original dishes.

Sven vlog1
Created by Sven Diaz
In this video, Sven is a new intern at the High Performance Computing and Visualization lab. It is his first day and he is learning about how the lab works. He is nervous, but determined to be a good intern.

Sven vlog2
Created by Sven Diaz
In this video, Sven has been working at the HPC-Vis lab for some time. He feels more comfortable at the lab, but still learning. He is excited to take on more responsibility.

Water Evaporation
Created by Kevin Salls
This video describes the process in which vapor pressure builds as water is heated. The energy changes the water from its liquid form to a gaseous form.

Spanish Versions of Videos

Control de Tráfico Aéreo Para Drones (Transcripcion)
Creado por Camille Bourquin
Hay más drones en vuelo cada año, y para asegurar la seguridad de todos hay que manejarlos. ¡Aquí es como NASA va a ayudar con el problem

Minuto CS: Seguridad Cibernética (Transcripcion)
Creado por Cayler Miley y Daniel Lopez
¡Viruses de computadora contaminan otras computadoras por herramientas de "phishing" a traves de la red. Aprende sobre "phishing" y como prevenirlo!

Minuto CS: Dentro del Internet (Transcripcion)
Creado por Cayler Miley y Daniel Lopez
¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado cómo funciona el internet? Esta es una breve introducción a la forma en la que se comunican las computadoras, y lo que su computadora realmente está haciendo al ingresar al Internet.

Manos Robóticas (Transcripcion)
Creado por Giselle Serate y Juliana Anderson
¡Construimos una mano robótica con una impresora de tres dimensiones, y después lo programamos con una tabla Arduino!

Filtración de Aguas Residuales (Transcripcion)
Creado por Juliana Anderson
Con una combinación de tecnologías, se convierten aguas residuales a aguas reclamadas de alta calidad. El trabajo aquí se empleará como parte de un sistema para reciclar aguas residuales y crear aguas potables.

Obtener Agua Limpia de las Aguas Subterráneas (Transcripcion)
Creado por Kevin Salls
Purificamos agua con un sistema de destilación por contacto directo con un membrana, ahorrando energía y creando agua de alta calidad de agua contaminada.

Microscopía Fluorescente de la Célula (Transcripcion coming soon)
Creado por Matthew Henderson
Muchas experimentas solo se pueden efectuar con células humanas. ¿Pero sabías que se puede cultivar células humanas en un laboratorio? ¡En este video te mostramos como se hace!

La Cultivación de Células Humanas (Transcripcion)
Creado por Matthew Henderson
Microscopía juega un papel fundamental en la proyección de imagen las células después de la experiencia. En este video, hablaremos sobre los numerosos usos y aplicaciones de microscopios fluorescentes, y cómo ayudan a facilitar la investigación de todo el mundo.

La Navegación Robótica (Transcripcion)
Creado por Hannah Huh
¡Véase este video para aprender acerca de la navegación de un robot, con una Roomba, un láser, y el Sistema de Operación de Robot!

MinuteCS4: WiFI vs Ethernet
¿Alguna vez se ha preguntado cómo se conecta su teléfono inteligente al Internet mientras miles de personas a su alrededor están haciendo exactamente lo mismo? Todo se manifiesta por una simple regla de cortesía que probablemente aprendio en la escuela primaria. En este video, aprenderemos las diferencias entre WiFi y Ethernet, y cómo usan técnicas con las cuales probablemente ya conozca bien.