Daniel Lopez (2014 - present)

Daniel Lopez

I am an undergraduate at the University of Nevada, Reno. I was a merely a sophomore when I started with the STEMBOPS program and am now a senior computer science and engineering. I've always had a huge passion for story-telling, and this program was the best way to use that as a tool for promoting STEM and other progressive fields of learning that could influence people to change the world. This program gave me new insights into topic in which I was already knowledgeable and made me learn new things. I hope to be able to continue to share this insight as much as I can.

Minute CS: Cyber Security, Minuto CS: Seguridad Cibernética
Minuto de CS: Inside the Internet, Minuto CS: Dentro del Internet
Minute CS: Wifi Vs Ethernet, Minuto CS: Wifi Vs Ethernet

White Paper: A System for Non-Invasive Security