Generic data management plan template

Generic template for a data management plan (for agencies without specifications)

Project Title:
Data Owners:
Data Managers:
Other Contributors and Roles:

Data Types and Structure
Describe the data types and structures here. For instance data might be tabular in CSV text format or data might be a series of PNG image files representing a time series, each time series in its own directory.

Data Acquisition, Integrity and Quality
Describe how you will acquire and backup your data and ensure that it is not lost or corrupted.

Privacy and Sensitive Data Issues
Address any privacy issues here. If you have data that needs to comply with HIPAA or FERPA, or data of a sensitive nature, you need to describe how you will protect your data and prevent others from gaining access to the personal or sensitive information.

Rights Management
State what rights you wish to maintain over your data and what you are allowing others to do with it. Are you licensing your rights with creative commons or another resource?

Dissemination Policy
How will you make your data available? For how long? What file formats are provided and what restrictions will you impose on free access to your data?