Local Parking

Guideline Date: April 2015     Revision: 1     Last Review: August 2017

When can local parking be treated as a direct cost?

Parking can be charged as a direct cost if the local travel benefits the project directly, and there is a clear and reasonable business case.

Examples of parking charges that can be charged as a direct cost:

  • A principal investigator (PI) drives within the local environs to meet with collaborators regarding a specific project.
  • Subjects in a research study are reimbursed for parking expenses incurred when they visit the federally funded study site.

If you plan to charge parking as a direct cost:

  • Document the way in which the parking clearly benefits the project. The PI is responsible for maintaining this documentation for six years after the end date of the project.
  • If the expense is anticipated, include it in the budget at the proposal stage.