Roles and Responsibilities

Guideline Date: September 2017      Revision: 1     Last Review: August 2017

The following lists key proposal and award roles and responsibilities throughout the sponsored projects process.

Principal Investigator Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develops complete and timely proposals
  • Understands sponsor terms and conditions and University policies and procedures related to sponsored project administration
  • Manages and controls project funds, including subcontractor funds, to ensure compliance with award terms and conditions and University policy
  • Authorizes expenditures
  • Prepares all required reports and submit to sponsors
  • When applicable, certifies personnel effort and approves cost-share reports
  • Ensures scientific integrity and manages projects
  • Manages subrecipient progress
  • Ensures that their staff have adequate training for research involving human subjects, animals and/or hazardous materials

Sponsored Projects Pre-Award Research Administrator

  • Assists faculty in proposal and pre-award processing
  • Advises principal investigator (PI) and University staff of federal, state, local government and other funding agencies' rules, regulations and procedures
  • Reviews proposal materials and any other required internal forms
  • Communicates with PI and staff about any proposal revisions required to comply with sponsor or University policies
  • Advocates and acts as a steward for the policies and procedures of the University, vice president for research and sponsoring agency
  • Submits proposals to sponsors as the authorized representative for the University

Sponsored Projects Grants and Contracts Officer

  • Reviews award documents for terms and conditions not acceptable to the University as a public entity of the State of Nevada
  • Confirms approval of project related protocols (e.g., IRB, IACUC, etc.)
  • Negotiates changes to the terms and conditions when necessary
  • Prepares award documents for signature by authorized University signatory
  • Sends award to account set up for issuing of project expense account number
  • Prepares subawards to subrecipients

Post-Award Grant Accountant

  • Reconciles account expenditures and invoice sponsors
  • Processes sponsored project account budget revisions
  • Reconciles required cost share and reports cost share to sponsor
  • Reconciles government-owned property or project purchased equipment and submits report to sponsor
  • Reconciles project patents or inventions with Enterprise and Innovation and submits final patents and inventions report to sponsor
  • Confirms submission of final progress/technical report to sponsor

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