Risk Management

Guideline Date: September 2017     Revision: 1     Last Review: August 2017

The objectives of risk management are to protect the health and provide for the safety of students and employees, to protect the public from injury or damage incidental to the operations of Business Center North (BCN) institutions and to protect its assets and environment.

Duties of BCN Risk Management include the following:

  • Administer the property, automobile, liability and workers' compensation insurance programs
  • Administer international travel program for faculty, staff and non-USAC student travel
  • Review contracts for proper insurance requirements
  • Provide certificates of insurance for business purposes
  • Provide risk assessment/mitigation consulting services to departments
  • Develop and implement programs to protect NSHE's property and its environment with the goal to reduce legal liability
  • Purchase insurance when necessary
  • Investigate and settle property and auto physical damage claims

Depending upon the nature of the work conducted, principal investigators (PIs) sometimes need the assistance of the BCN Risk Management. For example, some sponsored project award terms and conditions contain insurance requirements. Further, accidents in the field and work place can and do sometimes occur. Therefore, PIs should be aware that BCN Risk Management is available to manage such risks. 

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