Conferences, Workshops and Outside Seminars

October 2017

  • "Automatic Background Filtering and Lane Identification with Roadside LiDAR Data" was accepted by the IEEE ITSC 2017 Conference in Japan, where it will be presented by Dr. Hao Xu of UNR  later this month.

May 2017

  • Dr. Zong Tian conducted a signal timing workshop on May 12 at the CalPoly campus in Southern California. A total of 14 engineers from state agencies, consulting firms, and academics participated in the workshop. Dr. Tian demonstrated the application of the TranSync tool, which has been adopted by Caltrans as their designated tool for timing development and performance evaluation.
  • Dr. Hao Xu was invited by the SHRP 2 Safety Data Oversight Committee to present research on driving cycle development with the SHRP 2 NDS data. The research focuses on using the data to analyze fuel economoy and vehicle operating costs.
  • Dr. Hao Xu presented "Application of Roadside LiDAR Sensors for Connected-Vehicle Systems" at the 2017 Nevada Safety Summit.

April 2017

  • Dr. Hao Xu presented the CATER Curvature tool at the AASHTO Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety (SCOHTS) and Safety Management 2017 Meeting. This tool is being used by the Nevada Department of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Nebraska Department of Transportation, the Kansas Department of Transportation, the University of Kentucky (my research group), the University of Connecticut and the consulting company Kimley-Horn to prepare highway curve databases for traffic safety and other transportation applications.

March 2017

  • Dr. Mohamed Moustafa of UNR presented "Seismic Design and Performance of UHPC Bridge Piers" at the ACI Convention in Detroit, MI.

February 2017

  • Dr. Zong Tian conducted a one-day signal timing training on Feb. 7 in Las Vegas. A total of 13 traffic signal professionals attended the training, which was part of the continuing education program jointly conducted by Nevada LTAP and SOLARIS. Participants had a hands-on experience using TranSync to optimize the signal timing for a local arterial.

  • Dr. Zong Tian traveled to Boise to present a workshop on TranSync to improve signal coordination, which was attended by 10 engineers from state and local agencies.

January 2017

  • Dr. Elie Hajj presented at the Performance of Various Pavement Preservation Techniques session at the 96th TRB Annual Meeting in DC. In addition, graduate student Jhony Habbouche presented "Preliminary Economic Analysis of Thin Asphalt Concrete Overlay in Nevada" at the Pavement Preservation Committee Meeting.
  • UNR student Jianqing Wu presented his research paper "Effect of Road Characteristics and Driving Cycles on Accident Risk on Full-Access Control Highways" at the 96th TRB Annual Meeting.
  • UNM's paper titled "Analyzing Driver Injury Severity Outcomes in Rollover Crashes Based on a Support Vector Machine Model" was presented at the 96th Annual TRB meeting in DC.

November 2016

  • Dr. Elie Hajj of UNR was an invited speaker at the International Symposium on Asphalt Emulsion Technology in Arlington, Virginia. His presentation was titled Performance Evaluation of Pavement Preservation Techniques used in Nevada over a 15-Year Period.
  • Dr. Guohui Zhang presented "Bayesian Newtwork-based Pedestrian/Bicycle Behavioral Analysis Impacted by Age, Gender, Sobriety Heterogeneity in Non-Motorist-Involved Intersection-Related Crashes" at the 10th UTC Spotlight Conference in DC.

October 2016

  • Dr. Zong Tian completed a TranSync demo for Caltrans D11.
  • A seminar presentation and field demo of TranSync was done by Dr. Zong Tian for a capstone class at UC Berkeley taught by Dr. Alex Skabardonis. The class is utilizing the tool in a research project to improve signalized arterials.

August 2016

  • Dr. Zong Tian traveled to Portland to present a seminar at Kittelson and Associates on signal timing using the TranSync tool. The seminar was attended by KAI staff and local public agencies. Collaboration opportunities between UNR and KAI on research and signal timing projects were discussed.

July 2016

  • Dr. Elie Hajj was invited to present at the Transportation Resource Advisory Forum for Carson City on July 28. His presentation covered the PMS concept as well as implementation methods for Carson City.
  • Dr. Mohamed Moustafa of UNR presented "Cost and Ecological Feasibility of using UHC in Bridge Piers" at the First International Interactive Symposium on UHPC.
  • Associate Director Rafiqul Tarefder from UNM presented "Carbon Nanotube Modified Asphalt Binders of Sustainable Roadways" at the 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics in Orlando, FL.

June 2016

  • Dr. Peter Sebaaly of UNR made a presentation on the "Effectiveness of Preventative Maintenance of Asphalt Pavements" at the Euro-Asphalt and Euro-Bitumen Conference in Prague on June 2.

May 2016

  • Dr. Elie Hajj delivered an invited presentation during the Douglas County Regional Transportation Board meeting. His presentation was on the Pavement Management System concept, implementation of a PMS for Douglas County and different budgeting and planning scenarios.

April 2016

  • On April 1, Dr. Zong Tian made a presentation for the Washington, DC area ITE chapter titled "TranSync for Signal Timing Management, Optimization, Diagnosis, and Evaluation". About 30 people from local consulting firms and city/state agencies attended the luncheon meeting. The participants were given new perspectives on how signal timing and coordination can be accomplished efficiently with less effort and data requirements.

March 2016

  • Dr. Zong Tian made a presentation titled "New Way of Doing Signal Timing" at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the Bay Area.
  • Dr. Zong Tian attended the second Safety Summit in DC and made a presentation to highlight the center's safety related research.

January 2016

  • Dr. Zong Tian presented at the Automated Signal Performance Measures workshop held in Salt Lake City on Jan. 26 and 27, 2016. His presentation titled "Signal Performance Measures based Conventional Travel Run Data" was attended by more than 170 professionals from different DOTs, agencies, and private industries.
  • Pitu Mirchandani was invited to give a plenary talk at the Fifth annual STOR-i workshop in January 2016. He gave a talk on "Routing, Logistics and Management  of Recharging Infrastructure ​​ for Electric/Alternate-fueled Vehicles." He was invited to give similar talks at the University of California at Santa Barbara in February 2016 and at in Seattle in March 2016.