Technology Transfer

Dr. Tian and his research group

SOLARIS has developed a technology transfer plan to make research results available to the community. Our primary focus will be on peer-reviewed journal publications, presentations at national conferences, technical workshops, short courses, seminars, webinars, and collaboration with U.S. DOT/RITA research clusters.

Proposed Technology Transfer Activities

  • Publications. Peer-reviewed publications are viewed as the most important performance measure for a UTC. The typical journals for publication include but not limited to:
    • ASCE Journals
    • Transportation Research series
    • Transportation Science
    • Transportation25Research Record

Each project must produce a final report, which will be posted on the SOLARIS website.

  • Conferences. SOLARIS will provide travel funds for researchers and students to attend and present their research at conferences, such as the TRB annual meetings, national and local conferences by ASCE, ITE and ITS America.
  • Workshops, short courses, seminars, webinars, and annual conference. SOLARIS will conduct workshops, short courses, seminars and webinars on various subjects that are relevant to the transportation community. We will coordinate with the T2/LTAP Centers in each state for such activities. When possible, seminars will be broadcasted to all the campuses via the teleconferencing facilities on each campus. SOLARIS will hold an annual conference where all partner universities will get together to showcase and share research results.
  • International cooperation and collaboration. International cooperation has become an effective way of disseminating research and education outcomes to a larger community, and in turn will enhance the program's research capability.