Education and Workforce Development

Students in the pavements lab

Education and workforce development are central to the programmed themes of SOLARIS. All four of the partner universities have existing undergraduate and graduate programs with a transportation focus. All of the institutions have students and alumni that are active in the transportation community. In addition, the partners bring extensive educational expertise in transportation-related and theme-related areas.

The education and workforce development plan is structured to achieve the following goals:

  1. Enhance existing transportation undergraduate and graduate programs by including new course materials in sustainability and mobility for large sparse rural-urban regions including infrastructure sustainability, resilience, freight movement, and border operations
  2. Hold workshops, conferences, and continuing education courses that focus on advances in multi-modal infrastructure development, sustainability, and operations - to transfer new research knowledge to the public, industry, and academic communities
  3. Hold summer camps, internship programs, and provide fellowships to attract a new generation of professionals to the transportation profession,
  4. Prepare students for careers in transportation and facilitate the placement of successful graduates in government, industry, and academic organizations

Existing degree programs

The University of Nevada, Reno offers two degree programs related to transportation:

Outreach programs

In addition to degree programs, researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno are involved in K-12 outreach activities, including summer camp programs, that expose students to engineering-related research. For more information on outreach activities, please visit the College of Engineering summer camp webpage.