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5 tips for transitioning back to in-person courses

We understand that after more than a year of hybrid learning, coming back to in-person classes will be an adjustment and will take time. The School of Social Work is here to support you however you may need. Here are some strategies for a smoother transition back to campus.

1. Get in a routine

Routines provide much needed structure when things are uncertain. Before heading back to campus, create a routine for waking up on time, staying nourished, taking necessary breaks, and incorporating study times.

2. Be prepared for an adjustment period

It is normal to feel anxious or nervous about returning to campus. Chances are things will not return to how they felt pre-COVID for a long time. Anticipating these feelings can help you create coping mechanisms, like deep breathing, when these feelings arise.

3. Connect with friends and other students

Community is a crucial part of getting back to successful in-person meetings. Connect with other students through social media, virtual events, or on-campus events to start building back your community.

4. Reach out to Social Work faculty and staff for support

If you need support, don’t hesitate to reach out to the School of Social Work. If you’re feeling worried, anxious, or just want to talk about the transition back to in-person learning, feel free to reach out to a professor or any other member of the School of Social Work. We’re here for you.

5. Remain flexible

COVID has proven that the future is unpredictable. As faculty, staff, students, and the University prepare and transition to in-person learning, remaining flexible and adaptable will be key in maintaining your mental health and ability to adapt if things change.

The School of Social Work is growing

We’ve been working hard to enhance our faculty and teachings at the School of Social Work. We’re proud to have recently hired an Assistant Dean and new Masters of Social Work program director. Meet our leadership team below.

Shadi Martin

Shadi Martin, MSW, MPA/HSA, MA - Dean of School of Social Work

Shadi Martin is the Founding Dean of the School of Social Work at University of Nevada, Reno. Dr. Martin joined the University as the Director and Professor of School of Social Work in 2018. She successfully led the School of Social Work to become the first independent, freestanding School of Social Work in the state of Nevada effective July 1, 2019.

Lillian wichinsky

Lillian Wichinsky, PhD, LMSW - Associate Dean

Dr. Lillian Wichinsky was recently hired as the new Associate Dean for the School of Social Work. She brings with her more than 25 years of experience in the social work profession with a passion for community practice. Dr. Wichinsky’ s passion lies in community practice. Some of her previous professional work includes child welfare, advocating for individuals with disabilities and the homeless, best practices in working with youth transitioning from foster care, and working as an evaluator and grant writer.

Eugenia Weiss

Eugenia Weiss, PhD, PsyD, MSW/LCSW - MSW program director

Dr. Eugenia L. Weiss, PhD, PsyD, MSW/LCSW, MA was recently hired as the MSW Program Director and Associate Professor for the School of Social Work. Dr. Weiss has more than 30 years of experience in social work. She brings a passion for teaching and interacting with students as well as collaborating with social work and interdisciplinary scholars towards advancing social impact in underserved communities.

Ashley Daftary

Ashley Daftary, PhD., - BSW program director

Ashley Daftary, PhD is experienced in home-based, out-patient, in-patient, school-based and international social work practice settings. Her research focuses on structural inequities and anti-oppressive practices across systems, including immigration, education, and policy-making. Her teaching interests remain consistent with her research and practice experience. She strives to create an inclusive learning environment as she addresses issues of power, privilege in oppression in both in-person and online classroom settings. 

valerie luevano

Valerie Luevano, MSW, LSW - Field Education program coordinator

Valeria Luevano, MSW, LSW has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and a passion for medical social work. She worked as Executive Director for Casa de Vida where she started five new programs to support pregnant and parenting teens in the community. She then started a non-profit counseling practice for children exposed to trauma called Kids First Family Services. Today she oversees the School of Social Work field programs for BSW and MSW students.

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