Faculty and Staff Resources

The following are resources and documents that faculty and staff can refer to when making decisions.

Universal Policies & Procedures
Board of Regents Handbook (NSHE)
The Board of Regents Handbook provides the governing documents and policies for the Nevada System of Higher Education.

UNR Administrative Manual

Forms and Policies and Procedures from the Provost's Office
Faculty & Part-Time Instructor Resources


Forms and Policies & Procedures from VP - Research & Innovation
Quick Reference Guide (Fringe; F&A rates; GA etc)

Researcher Resources

International Travel
General International travel Information

Letter to International Travelers

Fly America Act

Resources for Coordinators & Staff
Dean's Dashboard (For enrollment statistics) [Need to get permission from Dr. Joseph Cline for access]

Curriculum Central


Digital Measures

Forms particular to the School of Social Work (Work In Progress)
Travel Plans for the academic year
Travel request form for each individual travel funded by the School, Division, or UNR
Request for additional resources for research/travel (will only be authorized based on availability of budget)