MSW Foundation Field Students

Welcome to the Field Education Program.  You will find the field education program to be an incredible opportunity to link what you will be learning in the classroom to practice experiences. Your assigned faculty liaison (instructor for your SW 680/681 course) will guide you through this process and provide you with appropriate due dates and deadlines.  Below you will find steps and links to forms that will assist you in successfully completing your field practicum.

If you have any questions about these forms please ask your Faculty Liaison or contact the School of Social Work at 775-784-6542.  To keep up-to-date with the Field Program please follow our Twitter.  Good luck!

The following information is only for field students who are graduating in May 2017.


Finding an appropriate placement site for your practicum is a complex and competitive process that requires your close attention to the detailed instructions below.

Step 1: 
Sign up through SignUpGenius for: (1) a MANDATORY Pre-Placement Field Orientation session (Option 1 or Option 2).  The pre-placement session will cover all aspects of the field placement process and will provide additional details about the required steps below.

Step 2: 
Attend the annual Field Fair.  Refer to the Placement Memo (MSW Foundation) [DOC] from the Field Education Program Coordinator for specific dates. - Student Field Fair Tips [PDF]

Step 3: 
Review the Field Practicum Agencies List.  This file will give you general information about agencies available.  Please note that agency availability may vary from year to year.

Step 4:  
Download, complete, and sign the following documents:

Step 5:  According to the memo you received e-mail ( and submit hard copies of the field practicum application and resume.  

Please do not contact any agencies about field placement.  The Field Education Program Coordinator will facilitate all contacts with agencies until you have been successfully placed.  Finally, it is important to note that failure to comply with these and future instructions may prevent you from obtaining a field practicum placement.


Step 1: Review "confirmation" e-mail from Field Coordinator and follow instructions for contacting your assigned agency.

Step 2: Download and complete the Student Review of Practicum Setting [DOC].  Please note that you are to complete this document on your own utilizing all available material and information you have about your agency.  Please do not ask your Field Instructor to assist you with this. Turn this form in to your assigned Faculty Liaison on the first scheduled day of your field seminar class (SW 680).

Step 3: Read (or re-read) NASW Code of Ethics [WEB], the UNR Student Code of Conduct [WEB], and the IASSW and IFSW Statement of Ethical Principles [WEB].

Step 4:  Download and read the MSW Field Education Program Manual [PDF].

Step 5:  Download the Acknowledgement Form [DOC], sign, and turn this form in to your assigned Faculty Liaison on the first scheduled day of SW 680.

Beginning of Semester

Step 6:  Download and partially complete the Learning Agreement [DOC]. Set up an appointment with Field Instructor to complete Learning Agreement.  Submit completed agreement by due date.

Step 7:  Download Field Time Log [XLS], keep a template for your own records, and submit completed log to Faculty Liaison every other week according to the timeline in your syllabus.

Step 8:  Download the Individual Practice Assessment [DOC], keep a template for your own records, and submit completed log to Faculty Liaison every other week according to the timeline in your syllabus.

Mid - Semester

Step 9:  Download the Site Visit Form [DOC]. Carefully read the instructions, complete Section Two of the form, and submit to your faculty liaison prior to your scheduled site visit according to their directions.  You do not need to have your field instructor complete this form with you.

End of Semester

Step 10: Download and partially complete the Foundation Evaluation of Student Performance [DOC]. Set up an appointment with Field Instructor to complete the form.  Submit completed evaluation by due date.

Pre-Placement Resources:

Other Resources: