Jordan Reuter

Doctoral student
Headshot of Jordan Reuter


My current research broadly concerns religion and non-religion. I currently have two primary research focuses: (1) religious and non-religious worldviews, and (2) religion and non-religion within a family context. These broad areas incorporate other areas of interest I have, including interpersonal interactions (e.g., parent-child, sibling), socialization, attitudes, social policy, and the connections between structural/institutional- and individual-level influences.

Outside of these focuses, I also am a member of a research team using interviews to assess mental health and mental illness among professionals, in which I focus on religion and identity. Additionally, I am involved in an ongoing project looking into college students’ mental health in relation to various factors including cognitive ability and social support networks.

During my undergraduate career, I researched stereotyping and prejudice with a particular focus on Islam in the U.S., and I researched the connections between human trafficking, religion, and politics through an interdisciplinary lens.

I use Twitter to stay connected with others in various fields, so feel free to follow me no matter your specific area! My twitter handle is @reuterjc.


  • M.A., Interdisciplinary Social Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno
  • B.S., Psychology, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse