Brown Bags & Speakers

Survey Research Methods

We hold brown bags throughout each semester, in which students and faculty from the program present informally in front of their peers, often in preparation for conferences or to elicit ideas on how to improve their research.

Below is our current brown bag schedule. You can also check out an archive of past brown bags.

Brown Bag Schedule

March 6, 2017

Emily Wood - Understanding the Shift from "no means no" to "yes means yes": Investigating Interpretations of Affirmative Consent Policies in a Community Sample

April 17, 2017

Ryan Erhart - Becoming a data scientist: What is it, relevance to social psychology, and skills required to becoming a successful data scientist

Dr. Mariah Evans - Circadian rhythms and chronotypes: Harnessing neuroscience for institutional design

May 1, 2017

Mauricio Alvarez - The impact of class-based prejudice toward defendants and victims on mock jurors decision-making

Please check out our archive of past brown bags to see some of our student's and faculty's research interests and check back here for the full schedule.