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Tonight’s Homework

The challenge from the Winter 07 issue:
Today’s Nevadans are seeing history made just by being here. The state hasn’t experienced a growth spurt like this since the days of the Comstock Lode. Here’s your chance to play history author. All we
need from you right now is a title for the book.

We even gave you a start:
Nevada, 1987-2007: ______________________

Read the winning entries in the Spring 07 issue.

Here are the clever entries that we received:

H.R. Panik
20 Years of Fast Forward

Tony Limon
The Sagebrush Renaissance
It Has Arrived
Symbolic Link Between the Old and New
Too Many Adventures-Not Enough Time
She Has Arrived
Had Enough?-Hold On

Loretta Limon
Silver State Bonanza II- Growth
Born Again Bonanza
Adventures and Growing Pains
Betting the Adventure Line
Growth Boom Years
Winning the Growth Gamble

Pam Hellen
Basque to the Future

Steven Aramini
Generation Nevada
Devouring the Desert
All In
The New West
Migration Nation

Louise Handlin
SilverBlue Heaven

Linda Clift
The Immigration Whirlwind

Sam Dibitonto  
A Score of Success
A Successful Score

Carol Ingalls
The RUSH Continues

Paula Riley
The Making of the New Motherlode

Mandi Lindsay
Natives Near Extinction: What Defines a
  Native Anyway?

Patricia Diehl
A Proliferative State

Alisa Huckle
The Silver Years

Dano Kraig P. Fernandez
Two Decades of Awesome Work and History

Bill Manker
From Where We Were to Where We Are

Debbie Cutshaw
Bound for Leaps

Leila Fuson
The 'Biggest' 'Little' State!

Mariah Evans
Manzanita to Meth Labs

Sandy Wallin
Blue Skies and Glitter

Betty Glass
From Underground Nuclear Testing

Tim McFarling
No longer just a "Mirage"!

Melodie Harney
State of Escalation (pace, people, places)
Urbanization Acceleration
State of High Velocity

John Burnett
From Desert to National Dynamo; Why What
  Goes on Here Brings People to Stay Here

Lee Brockmeier
or, How I learned to stop worrying and
  love Yucca Mountain

Norman Miller
The Silver Magnet                    

Ken and Sue Brunk
Growth Beyond Belief

Kathleen Coles
The Silver State Booms Again

Peter Thorkildson
Growing in Spades

Ben Fong
Nevada’s Journey

Hing Chow
The Dynamic State of the 21st Century: Improvements
  and Growth in Education and Industry

David Loberg
Not So Far Away- Not So Long Ago

Troy Keeping
Growing Pains
Boom & Bust
A New Rush for Economic Gold
A New Rush for Economic Gold in the Silver State
Expansion Explosion

Scott Dunseath
Two decades of eNVy

Joyce Shaw
High Desert- High Times
Striking Gold in the Silver State
Destination One

Margaret(Peggy Cimijotti) Walsh
Where Past and Present Blend into Tomorrow

Robert Wengert
Silver and Bold

Che' A. DeVol
Back to the Future Frontier
The Rise of Modernity in a Venerable Land
Wild Horses Couldn't Drag me Away
Hot, Snow-Capped and Battle Born

Lyle Carden
Prospecting to Prosperity

Lee Ann & Neil Gallagher
Sagebrush Mother Lode, Nevada's
  Growth Bonanza

Sonja Manuel
Silver State Sooners

Robert C. Lindsay
Silver Ribbons to Golden Streams
Silver Ribbons in Blue Streams
Silver Ribbons and Golden Seams:
The Metallic Thread That Binds Nevada

Frankie Sue Del Papa
Looking Back, Looking Forward

Matthew Richardson
Twenty Years of Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Chris Simons

Peter Mohr
Just Living and Making History
One Hell of a Ride
(From) Desert Strange to Greener Mountain Range
Silver State in the Golden West
There's Still Gold in Them Thar Hills!
State of Destiny

Jeanne Brown
The People’s Progress

Mike Klos
Population Bonanza, Nuggets of Wealth

Polly Price
Cherish the Vision

Patricia Pflum
The Silver State's New Pioneers

John Welch
Running Dry, But Flourishing

Darcy Friedman
Time Well Spent


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