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Sign, Here from the Winter 2007 issue
Sign, Here

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Teresa Benitex performs during the Miss Nevada competition.Teresa Benitez
Teresa Benitez delivered a message about acceptance and human rights during the Miss America program in Atlantic City, N.J. The 2001 political science graduate won the Miss Nevada competition July 13, 2002 in Mesquite.

Benitez, then a 24-year-old Reno resident, had been an advocate for low-income women and children in the state since 1996, when she co-founded the Nevada Empowered Women’s Project.

She performed a monologue at the competition based on Dennis Shepherd’s statement in court during the trial of those who murdered his son, Matthew, in a 1998 hate crime in Wyoming.

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Boom: Shake, rattle and an economic role for University earthquake research

Watch videos of the earthquake simulation test of the 110-footlong

Bridge Video
Pier Video
Bridge video Pier video


Wolf Pack Madness: See the commercials that run during Wolf Pack games.

The Wolf Pack men answer questions during the taping of a spot on the University The Wolf Pack women answer questions during the taping of a new TV spot about the University.
Press Conference -
Wolf Pack Men

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Press Conference -
Wolf Pack Women

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