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    Private Foundations

    Private foundations provide vital support to the University
  • Summer Camps

    Summer Camps

    Never a dull moment with University-led summertime camps and family activities
  • Coach Sonny Allen

    Sonny Allen

    Former coach Sonny Allen’s remarkable recovery leads to ‘My winning season’

About this issue

This issue’s cover depicts a gallery of the original founders of many of the private foundations whose contributions have made possible the University’s greatest strengths today, and our loftiest goals for the future. The portraits were made available to us courtesy of the foundations. See inside front cover to learn more about these generous donors. Photo illustration by Patrick McFarland.
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Spring Issue 2009

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Private foundations provide
vital support to the University

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Summer Camps and Family Activites

To find out more information about the area’s best summer camps.

Remembering Friends

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Letter from University President Milton Glick:

Strong University = value added for state of Nevada

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